The Festival was an initiative from Corban Estate Arts Centre to bring together a number of groups working in the area in the spirit of collaboration and cross over.  While the Arts Centre is the home of VIBE on the day, the festival is owned by the whole community.

Vibe kicked off in 2017.  

VIBE Festival is an opportunity for not just to see youth at their best.  It’s also an opportunity for youth to see what creative activity is available “out West” on an ongoing basis.   It’s an opportunity to connect with your mates, see what’s going on and try something new as well.

Vibe is led by young people and youth organisations from across West Auckland
— Martin Sutcliffe, Director at Corban Estate Arts Centre


Zeal are a family of passionate, creative misfits who believe that every young kiwi is creative and who dedicate our lives to helping them discover, express and develop their unique creativity.  Zeal provides a great space for young people to come together and explore and extend their creativity in music performance and production, organising events, design and visual arts, and media production.


Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa operate an all-inclusive mentoring programme using creative expression in music, film and photography to create a thriving and prosperous community.  The learning opportunities we provide for our young people are aimed at improving their wellbeing, moving young people permanently from exclusion and disadvantage to living lives they value.  


Here at Glen Eden we are passionate about seeing young people of all ages engaging with Christ in interactive and creative ways. To achieve this, we have created four distinct groups that flow into and through one another. We have a firm biblical foundation to all our Youth and Young Adults ministries and we outwork these principles in unique and innovative practical ways, through additional programs: Reveal (High School) and Switch (Intermediate School). 

Everyone is invited to join these programs regardless of their world-view or journey in life.  One of our goals is to create a culturally diverse group of young people hungry for knowledge and experiences with the one true living God. We stand for ethical practices, ethical fashion, gender equality and promote young people’s artistic expressions.


MIXIT is a creative project for young people from refugee backgrounds mixing it up with migrants and locals.  MIXIT is about gaining confidence, building communication skills and expressing yourself. It’s also about meeting new people and networking. Mixit uses dance, drama, music, aerial arts and performance.  Mixit operates every Saturday (during the school term) 2pm-4.30pm at The Corban Estate Arts Centre. As an effort to remove another barrier to involvement transport is available. 


Raise Up is YMCA's youth development programme run by youth for youth and operates from 11 locations across Auckland and Hamilton. Raise Up has built on the long and successful history YMCA has had working with young people in local communities.  We run events, activities and workshops for young people aged 13-18.  This year Raise Up brings you New Found Sound Auckland Showcase, a live music gig bringing local youth bands and performers together and giving them a stage to showcase their sound on. Young people from all across Auckland coming together to show off what they've got.  The pick of this bunch will be performing at VIBE 2018


Youth Arts New Zealand (YANZ) interconnects and strengthens the relationships between young artists and the resources and networks which will further them in their creative aspirations. YANZ is all about promoting leadership and creative stimulation within youth communities all across New Zealand, and we aspire to create opportunities in these communities to encourage creative thinking and practices.

Through collaborating with youth on creative projects, and supporting them to realise their inner dreams and potential, we hope to form a nationwide community of young creatives that grow up knowing they have a voice and a purpose. We encourage the unconventional.


Kākano means “seed”. The concept of He Kākano conveys growth, development, and expansion. Even before a seed is planted or nourished, it has inherent promise — the capability to take root, develop, grow, and blossom.  Based at Corban's Estate Art Centre, Kākano Youth Arts Collective, established in 2013, is a group of talented West Auckland youth with amazing artistic talent.

Kākano consists of young people typically between the ages of 13-17yrs old, who have an opportunity to develop a varied set of visual arts skills in a safe and supportive environment. Through Kākano we build confidence, focus and skills.  We develop to better prepare for other opportunities, whether training, paid work or further education. We love our place in the community and the fact that we can bring art, colour and culture to the beautiful people of West Auckland.


Corban Estate Arts Centre (CEAC) is a multi-arts and cultural centre that operates out of the old winery buildings of Corbans Wines in Henderson, West Auckland.  It includes: many artists’ studios, several leading arts organisations, an extensive art education programme for both schools and the general public and an array of venues for hire.  It offers youth workshops in all kinds of artforms, including graffiti art.   It manages walls where graffiti art is permitted and provides the venues for the annual VIBE Youth Arts Festival.

CEAC has a strong focus on providing arts and cultural opportunities for youth.   It is home to the Kākano Youth Arts Collective, Westside Tales Youth Theatre, MIXIT  and the Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa.